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Baba Gurukul Academy
Baba Gurukul Academy

Computer Lab

  1. The school has well equipped computer lab with all the basic amenities provided within the lab.

  2. Put off your shoes before entering the lab.

  3. Strict silence should be maintained in the computer lab.

  4. Students must use the computer with utmost care and avoid any misuse or damage to the equipments.

  5. Any damage done to the equipment will have to be made good by the person concerned.

  6. Non payment of dues/computer fees will debar the defaulter from the use of the computer facility till all dues are cleared.

  7. Use of any external storage devices are prohibited within the lab without the prior permission of faculty.

  8. Students are not allowed to use the computer in the absence of teachers.

  9. You are advised to bring a torn/old piece of cloth for cleaning the system before you start.

  10. If any of the above rules is not followed then you will have to pay Rs. 50/- as fine.

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