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Baba Gurukul Academy
Baba Gurukul Academy
About Us

BGA is a non-profitable public school founded in 2006 by Mr. Harpal Singh, a young visionary along with Mrs. Charanjeet Kaur under the esteemed guidance of Sardar Ajeet Singh(know as Baba Ji) in the surrounding society and friend Mr. Ajay Kumar Mishra (M.Ed.), child psychologist and a social reformer. They were inspired by the teachings of Swami Vivekanand, Saint Vinoba Bhave and Prof. Yashpal. "Regard man as a nine rich in gems of inestimable value". Education can alone cause it to reveal its treasures and can enable mankind to benefit therefrom.

The academy provides quality education with healthy caring environment where children are stimulated for learning and growing. The academy provides intensive academic education with the help of unmatchable teaching aids, various activities and programmes, meant to ensure not only an optimum intellectual growth but also to inculcate in the tender hearts of your young ones noble thoughts and sublime aspirations. The institution is co-educational and imparts education for toddlers as well as from standard 1st to 12th on the educational guidelines of CBSE, Delhi, being affiliated to the same. The school has a newly built building with spacious airy classrooms, well-furnished and equipped library, computer lab,physics lab, chemistry lab, biology lab and mathematics lab with various playgrounds and an athletics ground. As the school is recognised by the rest of society as an English medium school and the students belong to a common society where they do not get the supportive environment for communicative English. Keeping this in view the school is providing an English Language lab too for the purpose. Your help and loving co-operation is our potential, for which we shall always look forward to.

Governing Principles of the BGA Education
  1. A teacher is itself a role model for the students.
  2. A school is an extended family.
  3. The school provides an inspiring physical environment.
  4. The school lets music art and drama refine character & deepen emotions.
  5. The parent's participation in continuous learning about the child rearing is necessary.
  6. The parent are the first teacher of their wards.
  7. Home showers loving and caring environment where the child gets constant positive reinforcement.
  8. A child is encouraged to experiment and become creative.
  9. A child learns by doing not merely through theoretical knowledge.
  10. A child is exposed to diverse cultures and languages to become a global citizen.
  11. A child is the best relative of his/her inner consciousness.
  12. Finally, we consult, co-operate and participate altogether to benefit the child.
BGA's Achievement Profile
The achievement profile of BGA students during the past years has been a continuous and unending saga of unprecedented success. An average student on entering BGA begins to be accomplished as extraordinary because of a highly motivating, encouraging and nurturing environment.During previous years the students of BGA has not only bagged several awards in comptetions held by local schools or other organizations but represented the school in Archery at state level as well as national level,where one gold medal and two silver medals had been bagged by them.

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